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Roberto Corona, the Chilean Who Impacts Something Bigger Talk Show: How a Tragedy Inspired a Global Movement

"I surrendered to pain and found a deep peace that allowed me to let go of what was out of my control and thus discover a reason to fight for…," shares Roberto Corona, a young symbol of kindness and resilience on an inspiring mission. Better known as "The Smile Collector," who grew up in the remote lands of northern Chile, Iquique, he has become a beacon of hope in a world that needs more love and uplifting messages.

The Essence of Human Connection

In the latest episode of Rodrigo Canelas's "Something Bigger Talk Show," recently filmed in Singapore, we delve into the heart and soul of this visionary. Roberto Corona, the director of the ROBI Foundation and the founder of the international project Collecting Smiles, is on a global mission that goes beyond photography. Through his lens, Roberto connects stories of people from all over the world, transcending our differences and creating a significant emotional bond. Each captured smile reflects the ethnic diversity and cultural richness of the more than 85 countries he has visited in his decade of travel.

Roberto, The Phoenix Bird of Photography

Roberto tells us how, after losing his business a decade ago and the recent passing of one of his nieces, he found the impetus in these challenges to reinvent himself. In his emotional interview for the "Something Bigger Talk Show," Roberto moves us by sharing how these difficult moments became the fuel for his greater purpose: to inspire the world to believe in the beauty of their dreams.

Highlights of the Episode: A Journey Through Roberto's Goal

  • From Photography to Purposeful Storytelling: Explore how Roberto evolved from photographer to narrator, connecting continents with stories that resonate with empathy.

  • Embracing Ikigai and Life's Process: Discover Roberto's wisdom about trusting life's journey and finding harmony between passion, skill, need, and sustainability.

  • Pillars of Self-Healing and Service: Learn about the importance of self-healing in Roberto's philosophy and how it is fundamental to serving and effectively spreading joy.

The Impact of the ROBI Foundation

The ROBI Foundation, an acronym for Respect, Optimism, Blisscipline, and Inspiration, seeks to create a positive impact through various interventions in Emotional Education and Mental Health, promoting well-being and happiness in its wake. Roberto Corona, director of this initiative, is currently a true Ambassador of Happiness from Chile to the world, dedicated to fostering joy and positivity through community workshops, motivational talks, and international photographic exhibitions. On the verge of launching a collection of children's books that will invite us to explore the world and the value of expressing our emotions. These initiatives aim to unite and heal through the universal language of smiles, reaching countless lives in various corners of the world.

A Personal Invitation to Join the Mission

As Roberto says, "Every smile has a story, and each story can inspire positive change in this world." This is a call to reflect on your own journey and connect with the mission of the ROBI Foundation. You can participate in their events, share your stories, or contribute to their initiatives at

Watch and Be Inspired

Experience the full depth of Roberto's journey on the "Something Bigger Talk Show." His story is more than an interview; it's a testimony of the transformative power of the human spirit and empathy. Discover how one person can make a difference and how you too can be part of this change.


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