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The Path to Enlightenment. Discover the Story of 'Ethan and the Seven Chakras.'

In the world of literature, some stories transcend mere entertainment; they become instruments of transformation and enlightenment. 'Ethan and the Seven Chakras' is one of those series, where storytelling meets personal growth in a harmonious blend that captivates hearts of all ages. I had the privilege of meeting Yvette Farkas, the brilliant mind behind this enchanting creation, and what I discovered was nothing short of extraordinary.

At the heart of this captivating interview lies a deep dive into the genesis of 'Ethan and the Seven Chakras' and the profound impact it has on readers. These books are more than imaginative tales; they are an invitation to explore the intricate terrain of emotions, relationships, and personal journey, all through the lens of the chakra system

The Journey Begins with Inspiration:

The series was inspired by real-life adventures and everyday challenges faced by two young individuals, Ethan and Lukas. As the author reveals, these stories are woven from their family experiences, heartfelt conversations, and the universal questions we all ask about the mysteries of life. It's a journey filled with moments of tears, fears, and uncertainties, culminating in deep explorations of how to navigate complex emotions and situations through the wisdom of each chakra.

A Personal Path to Growth:

The author's personal journey of growth played a significant role in shaping these books. From overcoming a career-ending accident to finding the path back to the heart through special practices and a champion mindset, the author's own experiences are intertwined with the series. Through these stories, readers gain access to powerful knowledge and tools used by top coaches, athletes, and trainers to bring out the best in themselves.

Ethan: The Heart and Soul of the Series:

Ethan, the main character of the series, embodies the genuine curiosity and wonder that children naturally possess. He represents the inner child and inner critic in all of us – the part that seeks joy, asks profound questions, and wrestles with fears and comfort zones. Through Ethan's journey, readers learn to confront their own fears, change limiting beliefs, and cultivate a positive mindset.

Unlocking the Power of Chakras:

The series is not just a collection of stories; it is a guide to self-discovery and personal growth. Each book contains powerful, self-reflective questions that inspire meaningful conversations between readers and listeners. They offer practical insights and tools for navigating life's challenges, fostering resilience, empathy, and a deeper connection with oneself and others.

Expanding Horizons:

The series goes beyond the seven chakras; it explores themes related to the five elements and the seven senses in the upcoming books. These new adventures invite readers to enrich their understanding and expand their awareness of the incredible senses that shape their world.

A Vision for Unity Consciousness:

Singing Soul Books, the company behind this transformative series, envisions storytelling as a powerful tool for achieving unity consciousness. Through literature, we recognize common threads that bind us, fostering empathy and understanding, both within ourselves and in our communities.

A World of Possibilities:

As the series evolves, it aims to reach a broader audience by fostering partnerships for educational initiatives and creating a resource hub that supports holistic well-being. The potential to positively contribute to individual and collective growth is an exciting journey that Singing Soul Books is embarking on.

Immerse yourself in this enchanting world of "Ethan and the Seven Chakras," where storytelling becomes a gateway to personal growth, enlightenment, and unity consciousness. Explore the transformative power of literature and discover how these books are more than simple tales; they are a source of light, love, and profound change.

Exclusive Interview with Yvette Farkas, Author of "Ethan and the Seven Chakras"

What inspired you to write the "Ethan and the Seven Chakras" series, and how have your personal experiences influenced the stories?

Let me share a little secret with you. "Ethan and the Seven Chakras" didn't just sprout from imagination; it's woven from many real-life adventures and day-to-day challenges that my nephews, Ethan and Lukas (6 and 9 years old at the time), have faced. The books are based on many of our family experiences, conversations, and heartfelt questions about life's mysteries, including many human moments with tears, fears, and uncertainties that ultimately lead to deep explorations of how to navigate complex emotions and situations through the lens and wisdom of each chakra.

The inspiration for these books also came from my own journey of personal growth. Like many of us, I've had my struggles, including a career-ending accident, yet managed to find a way back to my heart through special practices and a champion mindset. Many of the same techniques that top coaches, athletes, and trainers use to bring out the best in others are taught in these stories. Imagine that - by reading these books, you can access this same powerful knowledge and immediately begin implementing it!

Can you share how Ethan's character was developed and what it represents in the journey through the chakras?

Ethan is the heart and soul of the series. The journey was inspired by the genuine curiosity and wonder that children naturally possess. My nephew Ethan, the main character, represents the inner child, as well as the inner critic in all of us – the part that seeks joy, asks profound questions, has trouble getting out of his comfort zone, yet is still willing to explore the unknown. Lukas and the other characters in the books help guide readers through the journey of the chakras, offering different perspectives and lessons that resonate with both children and adults.

Ethan and Lukas are more than characters; they embody facets of our own selves, navigating the intricate landscape of the chakras. Ethan symbolizes courage and growth despite challenges at school and in personal relationships. Readers easily see themselves reflected in Ethan as he learns to face fears, change limiting beliefs, use the power of breathing, posture, and mindset to overcome struggles, set healthy boundaries, love and value himself, deepen compassion, and open his heart to grow closer with the people in his life and planet.

This series isn't a mere collection of tales; it's a living, breathing narrative crafted from our experiences, a journey into the beauty of family moments and the profound questions that define life. Join us in a world where the echoes of your own journey harmonize with the tales of Ethan and the 7 Chakras, making you an integral part of this deeply personal and relatable narrative.

How do you believe your books can help children and adults in their personal growth and understanding of the chakra system?

Here is another secret; each book contains powerful, self-reflective questions designed to inspire meaningful conversation between readers and listeners. It is an opportunity to engage in thoughtful, heart-to-heart conversations, bringing you closer to one another as you make insightful connections.

The books serve as gentle guides, fostering a profound connection between readers, their challenges and triumphs, and the wisdom of the chakra system. Through relatable narratives, they offer practical insights and tools for self-discovery, aiding both children and adults in navigating the intricate pathways of personal growth and inner understanding.

See your children open up like a flower, asking deep, meaningful questions with genuine curiosity. In the process, grow significantly closer while learning about each other’s deeply held beliefs and feelings. You will discover powerful techniques to cultivate a positive mindset to successfully navigate any life situation as you explore the challenges and learnings of each chakra with Ethan. 

By integrating these ancient secrets for a happy and healthy life, parents and their children will immediately benefit from this knowledge after the very first reading while bonding with each other in new ways that feel authentic and loving.

Doesn't it feel good to hear that? These books will help you and your children bond in authentic and loving ways.

There are many easy-to-understand and simple methods taught in each book that enable readers to understand approaches to effectively overcome limiting beliefs. Top professionals worldwide use these same tools to cultivate a championship mindset to bring out the very best of themselves despite having very human, personal fears and doubts - just like you and me.

Each book in the series focuses on a different chakra. How did you decide on the themes and lessons for each chakra?

The themes emerged organically, mirroring the natural progression of the questions, topics, and difficulties Ethan faced in life. Rooted in ancient wisdom and lifestyle approaches such as those found in Taoism, Ayurveda, Shamanic practices, and more, each book delves into the essence of a specific chakra, addressing challenges and lessons that resonate universally. The decision process was intuitive, aligning with the inherent wisdom each chakra imparts which Ethan used to discover new approaches to problem-solving.

What challenges did you face while writing these books, and how did you overcome them?

Crafting stories that seamlessly weave spiritual concepts and practical techniques into engaging narratives presented its challenges. The key was finding the delicate balance between depth and accessibility. To overcome hurdles, I leaned on my own journey, ensuring the stories remained authentic, relatable, and, above all, transformative.

How do you think your background in the martial and healing arts has contributed to the content and messages in your books?

Martial and healing arts are rich repositories of wisdom. Infusing this knowledge into the books allowed for a holistic approach to well-being. The books echo the harmony found in these practices, emphasizing balance, resilience, leadership, and the interconnectedness of mind, body, and spirit.

Are there any specific practices or activities in the books that you personally use or recommend for aligning and balancing the chakras?

The practices embedded in the stories are inspired by real-life applications. Breathwork, mindfulness, and self-reflection are powerful tools that I use and have taught during my time as a martial arts and yoga instructor, as well as a health practitioner, and now, as a mentor and coach. Recommending these practices extends an invitation for readers to embark on their own transformative journeys.

What do you hope readers, both young and old, take away from the "Ethan and the Seven Chakras" series?

The goal is for readers to embark on a journey of self-discovery, self-compassion, greater emotional openness, and the drive for personal excellence. I believe the series to be a powerful catalyst for growth, fostering resilience, empathy, and a deepened connection with oneself and others.

Can you share any anecdotes or memorable moments from your interactions with readers that stood out to you during the development of the series?

Interacting with readers has been a soul-nourishing experience. One memorable encounter was with Mel Kiss, who expressed profound gratitude for the transformative insights gained, and Mark Desjardins, an educator who tried all the exercises in the books and found each story to be deeply inspirational and educational - suggesting that schools should make it a part of their recommended reading list. These moments affirm the series' impact, fueling my commitment to continue sharing stories that resonate with the hearts of readers.

The illustrations in the books play a significant role in conveying the story. How did you collaborate with the illustrators, and what was your vision for bringing the characters and chakra themes to life visually?

Collaborating with illustrators was a dance of shared vision. The characters and chakra themes were envisioned as vibrant, visual metaphors of the energy they represent. The illustrators breathed life into this vision, creating a symbiotic relationship between words and images that enhances the overall storytelling experience. My first illustrator, Juliana D'Costa, helped me clarify the style of the visuals. Jana Rothwell expanded on those initial ideas and has drawn and painted the gorgeous images you find in the books.

How do you approach the challenge of making complex spiritual concepts accessible and engaging for children without losing the depth that adults can appreciate?

Simplifying profound concepts requires finesse. I approached this challenge by distilling complex ideas into relatable metaphors and experiences that everyone, regardless of age, can relate to. This ensures accessibility for children while maintaining layers of depth that adults can uncover upon multiple readings.

The vision for Singing Soul Books is to spread love, wisdom, and compassion. How do you see storytelling as a powerful tool for achieving this vision, and what role do you envision Singing Soul Books playing in the larger landscape of literature and personal development?

Storytelling is a conduit for universal truths. My company, Singing Soul Books, seeks to infuse literature with transformative power, fostering a ripple effect of love, wisdom, and compassion. In the broader landscape, I envision these stories as catalysts that re-ignite the divine spark within us - helping us remember our own greatness while also seeing it in others, illuminating the path toward collective well-being, shared responsibility for our planet, and a sincere desire for continued growth.

In the series, each book tackles specific challenges related to different chakras. How did you ensure that the lessons presented are insightful and resonate with readers from diverse backgrounds and experiences?

The books transcend cultural boundaries by grounding the lessons in universal human experiences. The challenges faced by the characters resonate with the shared struggles and triumphs of readers from diverse backgrounds, fostering a sense of common humanity.

Singing Soul Books is described as a source of light. How do you see storytelling contributing to the elevation of unity-consciousness, and how can literature inspire deeper connections between individuals and communities?

Storytelling serves as a bridge, connecting disparate narratives into a tapestry of shared experiences. Through literature, we recognize the common threads that bind us, fostering empathy and understanding. In this shared storytelling, unity-consciousness blossoms, illuminating the path to deeper connections within and between communities.

The series introduces the main characters and also a team of co-creators. How did this collaborative process enhance the storytelling, and what unique contributions did each co-creator bring to the project?

Collaboration breathed multidimensionality into the series. Each co-creator brought a unique perspective, enriching the narrative tapestry. The collective synergy enhanced the storytelling, infusing it with diverse insights, ensuring a more profound impact on readers.

Can you share a little about the upcoming books such as "Bjorn and the Five Elements" and "Bowie & Avery Explore the Seven Senses"? What new themes or adventures can readers anticipate in these releases?

"Bjorn and the Five Elements" discusses the interplay of elemental energies, offering a holistic view of balance. "Bowie & Avery Explore the Seven Senses" explores the sensory realms. Most of us are taught that there are five senses (taste, touch, hearing, sight, and smell), however, there are other senses too, such as spatial awareness, balance, intuition, and gut feelings. This book series invites readers to enrich their understanding and expand their awareness of their amazing senses.

As the series evolves, how do you plan to expand its impact, and do you have any long-term goals for Singing Soul Books that you're excited to share?

The evolution of Singing Soul Books is a journey of continuous expansion. Long-term goals involve reaching a wider audience by fostering partnerships for educational initiatives and creating a hub for resources that support holistic well-being. The excitement lies in the unfolding potential to contribute positively to individual and collective growth.

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