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Videos that inspire us

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Collecting Smiles

Each Smile is a story that invites us to value what is essential and inspire others to smile.

Follow your dreams

Everything is possible if you put your mind to it...

Comfort zone

Give up your Comfort Zone and open your eyes to a world of opportunities

Life is Beautiful

Every day is a new opportunity to be happy...

Never give up

The key to success is to never give up and fight for what you believe is possible... Don't Give Up!

Follow your heart

How would you like to live your life if money was not important? Tips to live the life of your dreams

Dreams Are Bigger Than Age

A beautiful example for older people. No matter how old you are, you can still be spectacular. 

Time goes by

Each of us is responsible for our future.

Beautiful Story of TMB Panyee

The story of a small Thai soccer team that made its dream come true thanks to its dedication.

Nick Vujicic, Limitless

In life we have two options, give up, or move on...Which will you choose?

The Difficulties of Life

They are presented as lessons of strength that allow us to find our way...

The Oldest Yoga Teacher In The World

An inspiring woman who, at 96 years old, teaches the practice of yoga and illuminates everyone with her energy and positivism.

Love Has No Labels

Love knows no race, age, gender, or religion. 


An example of life. A moving story that will make us reflect and feel that there is nothing we cannot do when we want it with our hearts. 



Giving Is The Best Communication

Life is a bank of favors, giving without expecting anything in return can change our lives. 

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